How to Get Gorgeous Curly Hair with a Pencil

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Bored of your same old hairstyle? Why not try out this super curly hair tutorial? There are so many diy ideas and hacks for doing hair, especially for those with longer hair. This beauty hack can be done on medium to long hair, and should work on any type of hair. If you normally have straight hair, this is one of the simple life hacks you can try to get your hair really curly. It'll probably even hold the curl for days after you've curled it this way. Our hair is one of the ways we can express ourselves and our individual style. We can dye our hair with chemical or natural dyes like henna and other plant-based dyes in a range of beautiful colours and shades. Right now one of the biggest trends is dying hair different bright or pastel colours like pink, lavender, blue and red. Rainbow coloured, or unicorn hair is also one of the major trends right now too. Then there are all of the different dying techniques that determine where the hair dye will go on the hair to achieve a certain look. Highlighting is a subtle, natural way to bring some lighter tones to the hair, while lowlights bring some darker tones. The ombre look is where the hair is dyed on the bottom portion to look like the natural progression of dyed hair growing out.

Curling our hair can be done in many ways, from getting a perm which is a chemical treatment that keeps the tight curl in hair longer, to just simply curling it at home with curlers or a curling iron. Using curlers will usually mean leaving them in overnight, usually on damp hair that is allowed to dry into the curled form. The next day, when the curlers are removed, beautiful curls will be revealed and can either be brushed out or kept in tight formation. Curling irons are great for getting instant curls of course, and there are so many different sizes and styles of curling irons. A straight iron can actually be used to curl hair believe it or not, by holding the iron at an angle while pulling the hair through. This beauty hack also uses a straight iron to make the tight, small curls you see in the photo. This method, while it does take a bit of time and patience, will give you instant curly hair that is bouncy and full of volume.

First, you need a pencil, which may sound strange, but it works like a charm. You can use any wooden pencil of any size depending on the size of the curls you would like in your hair. If you want nice, small curls, use a normal round pencil or pencil crayon for this beauty hack. Then you'll need some aluminium foil and a straight iron. Make sure your hair is clean as well before you begin and you can also put a heat protecting product in your hair to prevent heat damage to your hair. Next, you will section your hair so that it's easier to curl, and you'll start by curling your hair from the bottom up. To curl your hair, you take sections of hair that are about an inch wide, and starting from the very root of the hair, twist the hair around the pencil right to the very end. Grab your foil and wrap the section of hair in the foil, then use your flat iron to add a little bit of heat to the foil. Then take out the curl and repeat. Enjoy this great beauty hack and other simple life hacks and diy ideas from IMikhaela on YouTube.***

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