Labradorite Crystal for Third Eye Magic, Mystery and Love Protection

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Do you love healing crystals? Or are you just new to the world of crystals and alternative healing? Regardless of where you are in your journey; it helps to learn more about different crystals and their healing properties. One of the best crystals you can have in your crystal collection is labradorite, a very magical looking stone with a lot of great qualities. Like most healing crystals labradorite is very calming and relaxing. You may notice that as you're holding or wearing this stone, you immediately feel calmer and more centred. The other first impressions people get from this stone right away are the amazingly beautiful colours found in it. Labradorite can be a variation of many different colours, but the main colours you'll see in a labradorite crystal are blues, greens, golds, greys and black. There is also an iridescent quality to the crystal which is what makes it look so magical. When you look at it in the light, it's almost as though you're looking at the northern lights in the night sky. The Inuit have stories of Labradorite falling from the northern lights as well. This crystal comes from the Feldspar family, and the incredible colours in the stone are known as labradorescence. It was first discovered in Labrador, Canada, by Moravian missionaries in 1770 and it was named after the area it was found in. But before that, it was used and held sacred by the Beothuk peoples of Newfoundland and Labrador.

For the physical body, it's said that labradorite can be helpful to the lungs and those with respiratory problems, bronchitis or the common cold. It's also great for digestion and metabolism. Labradorite has also been used for the eyes and brain to stimulate mental focus and to reduce stress and anxiety. As for the emotional aspect of our being labradorite is wonderful for calming an anxious and overactive mind and can also take away the emotionally draining tasks of everyday life. It can help you to bring up forgotten memories to gain new awareness and understanding encouraging contemplation and introspection. So if you're looking to find and understand the root cause of an issue, this would be a great crystal to work with. When it comes to the subtle energy body and the chakra system which are wheels of energy or energy centres in the body, this healing crystal is connected to the Throat Chakra and speaking your truth. So it can help you express your ideas, emotions, beliefs and your truth easily.

Labradorite is also fabulous for protection and will help you keep from draining all of your energy on other people and situations in your life. If you're intrigued by this healing crystal, you can find a labradorite crystal online, or you can shop at a crystal store near you to find the perfect piece for you. Once you have your healing crystals, it's great to carry them with you either in your pocket or a purse or bag that you carry with you. You can also put them in various places in your home that feel good. Next to your bed is a great place to put them so that you feel the effects while you're sleeping. You can also meditate with them by holding the crystals in your hands as you relax and breathe. Crystals are a great addition to any home and work environment and having them around will only benefit you. They look so beautiful, but they also have such wonderful healing qualities and bring new life into your life. Check out the photos of labradorite and more in the video on YouTube.***

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