Magical Effects of Potato Peel for Your Grey or White Hair, You Need to Try It

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This simple life hack for getting rid of white hair or premature grey hair works like magic and uses an ingredient that you would least expect. The diy idea uses potato water to get the job done. To start, boil about one cup of potato skins in two cups of water. Add the potato peels to the pot and allow them to boil for at least 25 minutes. Then turn off the pot and let the mixture steep for an additional 15 minutes. Using your strainer/cloth, strain the potato liquid into your clean bowl and discard the peels. Add a couple of drops of essential oil if you'd like, and let the diy idea potato rinse cool down to room temperature before using. Strain the boiled potato skins once they are cooled and add about four drops of either lavender or rosemary essential oil into the mix. Then apply the infusion to dry shampooed hair. Leave the infusion on and do not wash. You can put this infusion in a squeeze bottle and store it in the fridge for about 7 to 8 days. The potato peel infusion has been used as a dye alternative for fabrics for centuries. This natural home remedy is magical said to be 100 percent effective in darkening premature and grey hair when used consistently. It also promotes healthy hair growth. This DIY idea and simple life hack video have over 300,000 views.

Sweet potatoes can also be used for diy ideas and simple life hacks for our bodies and hair. Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamins A, C, B6, D, and E while containing zinc, iron, copper, niacin, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. This beauty food is also a natural home remedy for hair loss. And just as good as sweet potatoes are for your hair, potatoes are even better when it comes to getting rid of greys. White potatoes are loaded with phosphorus, calcium, iron, dietary fibers, protein, potassium, and Vitamins A, C and B, resulting in stronger hair growth and less shedding or thinning of the hair. And as if that's not enough, the potato peels are great for keeping away gray hair. It's hard to believe that something as simple as potato skins can work as a natural home remedy for grey hair. The good news is that there are no toxic chemicals in this diy idea and it doesn't cost a lot of money to make. Who knew such a simple vegetable could be so beneficial? And while it might seem a bit unconventional to use potato peels as a natural hair treatment, you may also want to read up on the benefits you'll reap from doing this simple life hack.

Some of the benefits of this natural home remedy potato peel rinse include that potatoes can also remove the dark circles from under your eyes, but they may also help to promote hair growth and darken your pesky gray hairs. Although it is not a permanent solution, potato skins can add some much-needed luster to your hair while also masking those premature and grey hairs. The starches in the potatoes act as a natural colorant and have been used as a dye alternative for fabrics for hundreds of years. With that being said, it has also shown to be very effective in darkening gray hair when used on a regular basis.

So make up a batch of this natural home remedy for grey hairs, and keep a bottle of it in your refrigerator, it will last 7 to 8 days and see what happens. This DIY idea and natural home remedy for white hair can be seen on the YourHealth site. **

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