She Massaged a Sliced Potato into Her Face for 7 Days and the Result Is So COOL!

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If you've ever had dark spots left on your face left over from acne, pimples or scratches, you know how difficult they can be to remove. The dark pigmentation is known as post-inflammatory pigmentary alteration which is caused by the inflammation of skin as it's healing from a pimple or a scratch. When the skin is opened up because of a scratch or popping a pimple, it will have a dark or red colour when it closes back up. The more inflamed a pimple is, and the more it's picked at, the more likely it will be to leave a scar. So if you do have acne, try your best not to pick at your skin or pop your pimples, as tempting as it may be. The best beauty hack to prevent and heal acne is from the inside out, that means eating a healthy, well-balanced diet full of healthy foods. Since acne is inflammation, you want to eliminate foods that cause inflammation in the body. Things like sugar, alcohol, caffeine, grains, dairy and gluten are all food items that cause inflammation. So even cutting these foods out of your diet for a little while could lessen the inflammation in your body and in turn, heal your acne and speed up the process of healing acne scars.

There are also great natural beauty hacks like this one from ishita chanda's YouTube channel. Ishita teaches us how to use natural home remedies and beauty hacks to even out our skin tone. Of course, there are hundreds of products on the market, that are specifically for correcting dark spots and acne. The only thing is, they are usually filled with chemicals and sometimes even bleaches that promise to even out skin tone. So that's why trying these natural home remedies and natural beauty hacks are your safest bet. Not only that, it's done with ingredients you probably already have in your home, so it's also a very affordable option too. You might not believe it, but the special food that is used in this beauty hack is a potato. Yes, just your average potato can help to clear up dark spots on your skin. This beauty hack may sound weird, but potato nutrients include powerful enzymes called catecholase that act as a natural bleaching agent which is what makes this beauty hack work so well. The potato nutrients also help to reduce current acne, heal a sunburn, smooth wrinkles, lighten under eye circles and reduce puffiness under your eyes as well.

Potato nutrients also include vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B, fibre, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, manganese and iron. To get started on this beauty hack, first, you want to buy organic potatoes that haven't been treated with pesticides, and then you want to wash your potato and peel it. Then, cut the potato into slices, and you'll start to see the potato juice coming out of the potato. Clean your skin however you usually like to clean it, and then take one of the potato slices and massage it all over you face especially where you have dark spots or scars you want to clear up. Use broad, circular motions when you're rubbing the potato on your skin. You'll want to do this for at least 10 minutes or so to get the juices worked into the skin. You can also put the rest of the potato in your blender and make a puree out of it to use as a face mask to leave on your skin for 20 minutes. Once you've left the juices on your skin for a while, rinse it off. Use this beauty hack for at least a few weeks to see results and be sure to check out other beauty hacks on Ishita's channel.***

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