She Placed a Panty Liner in Her Undereye, When I Found out Why I Had to Try It

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Get ready to be blown away by these innovative beauty hacks from none other than Laura Lee. Straight from one of the top Beauty Gurus, these 10 Ratchet Beauty Hacks have to be some of the coolest ideas out there. Beauty trends are always changing. From new colour trends to application styles, there's so much to explore. Anyone who wears makeup has their own personal style too, which is usually the template for any other look they create. Plus, it's so much fun to play around with different looks and colours and see how they look on you, and Beauty Gurus are here to be our makeup guides. They talk about what products they love and which ones they didn't, which helps makeup buyers get the best products for their money. Many Beauty Gurus are even coming out with their own makeup lines that embrace their favourite looks and colours, in very high-quality blends. In their videos, they also teach makeup application as an art and share beauty hacks like these ones which help us to apply our makeup like a pro. These beauty hacks are not just your typical beauty hacks though; these ones might seem a little off the wall or just plain weird to some. But the point is; they work, and they work pretty well too.

For example, did you happen to know you could use a panty liner to apply your makeup? Sounds really strange right? But surprisingly it's super effective. All you need is a panty liner which you cut in half and use as a catcher for the dust that's created by applying eyeshadow. Just stick each of the halves under your eyes, lining them up with the bottom lid so that the curve is on the edge. Then apply your eyeshadow and remove the pad when you're done, and voila, no dust or fall out on your cheeks. You also always want to make sure that you tap your brush off before you start applying your eyeshadow to take any of the excess off. Using higher quality eyeshadows will also spare you the fall out as some of the lower quality shadows might be more powdery. One of the other diy ideas Laura Lee shares with us is how to cover up your roots if you're in-between colouring appointments. This works especially well if your natural hair colour is lighter or your roots are grey. Just take some of your brow pomades, and because it sticks well to the hair, it'll last all day. If you want a more permanent solution, get some hair dye that matches your dyed hair colour and just do the roots you can see with the part you've created. It'll give the illusion of continuous hair colour.

She also shares some great personal hygiene hacks too. When you're out, and you realise you forgot to put on deodorant, just use some hand sanitizer instead. The alcohol will kill all of the bacteria that causes the scent, and if your hand sanitizer is scented, that's a bonus. These are just a few of the simple life hacks from Laura Lee, but you'll have to watch her video to learn them all. You can also subscribe to her YouTube channel, so you don't miss out on any of her videos. There were even beauty hacks used throughout history, like using crushed bugs as lip stain or using crocodile dung in facials. They even used sheep fat and blood as nail polish, which sounds really gross. So while these newer beauty hacks may sound crazy, at least we don't use these weird ancient beauty hacks.***

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