She Put Some Kool-Aid on Her Hair..When I Saw the Result, I Tried It Myself Too!

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Keep up with the latest trends and dye your hair a fun, bright colour. You don't even have to go to the salon to get it done, which can sometimes cost hundreds of dollars, plus it takes a lot of time too. You can easily follow some of the simple life hacks on YouTube to dye your hair any colour of the rainbow and learn how to do it the affordable way. There are plenty of different hair colouring products that you can find at the drug store or your local beauty supply store that you can buy to colour your hair the diy way. Spend some time researching online how to get the colour you want to achieve and see what diy ideas and beauty hacks are out there for you to try. Hair colouring is basically a science, and involves some simple chemistry, but it's also an art, which involves some creative thinking too. To get your desired colour, you have to know how to work with the canvas which is your hair and either make the colour work for your hair as it is, or change your hair so that it will show the desired colour better.

For darker haired people, adding colour can be very tricky because the hair already has a lot of pigment in it. Those with darker tresses will need to strip their hair of its pigment so that the new colour can be introduced. Stripping the hair consists of using powerful bleaches and chemicals to pull all of the colour our of the hair. Usually, this will produce an orange tone on darker hair which is no fun at all, but it can be fixed by toning the hair with what is known as a toner or a toning shampoo. The toner will subdue the brassy tones in the hair, making it more blonde, which is what you want. The process to get dark hair platinum blonde takes a few steps and taking breaks in between bleaching sessions is important to prevent further damage to the hair. Once hair is a light shade of blonde, it'll be able to take on practically any colour, especially vibrant colours like Kool-Aid. The pigments in Kool-Aid actually stay in your hair really well, and they take some effort to remove. If you know what shade you want to dye your hair, just go to the grocery store and choose the colour of Kool-Aid that best suits the look you're going for.

User tabs24x7Official on YouTube uses the Mixed Berry flavour for her bright ocean blue coloured hair. If you're going for a red shade, get a cherry flavour, or if you want pink maybe try the pink lemonade flavour. Kool-Aid is also fairly natural and is mostly made from citric acid and food colouring with artificial flavours. Once you have your flavour picked out, you'll mix it in a bowl with some hair conditioner. You can use any kind of conditioner you have on hand or that you find to be the most affordable at the store. You may need to use more than one package of Kool-Aid so grab a couple of extra packets at the store. In the beauty hack tutorial, she uses a total of 3 packages of Kool-Aid mixed with a bit of warm water to dissolve it. Then add in the conditioner and mix it together really well until there is no liquid left. Then you simply put it on your hair, wearing gloves preferably and make sure you're really careful not to let it splatter anywhere else. Watch the whole video to learn exactly how to do it and check out more of the great simple life hacks and diy ideas on YouTube.***

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