These Genius Lip Beauty Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know

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It's awesome to use simple life hacks in our everyday lives, especially when they save us time and money. These beauty hacks from Niki Sky's YouTube channel will not only save you time and money, but they'll also help you look good in the process. Niki Sky has tons of amazing videos where she shares simple life hacks like these with us. It's great to hear all of the beauty product reviews from Beauty Gurus on YouTube, but these hacks and diy ideas are so practical that anyone could implement them into their routine whether they wear makeup or not. These beauty hacks are focused on our lips, keeping them smooth and soft even in the dry winter weather. When you're lips are dry it can actually feel quite painful, and the last thing you want to do is put some lipstick on them, especially a darker matte lipstick which tends to pick up every imperfection on your lips. These hacks will literally save your lips and restore them to their beautiful, natural lushness in affordable and effective ways. Of course, there are store bought products you can get that will do all of this. The thing is, some of these products are filled with chemicals and their quite pricey, so opt for the natural, cheaper options instead. Maybe even compare them to the other products to see how they measure up.

One of the first diy ideas Niki shares with us is how to use natural toothpaste as an exfoliator on our lips. You need to be sure that the toothpaste has baking soda and peppermint oil in it as well, which will be very healing for chapped, dry lips, it also helps to plump your lips too. Dr Bronner's toothpaste in peppermint flavour is the brand that she uses in the video, and you can usually find this in any health food store or online. Just take a little dab of the paste and cover your lips with it, leave it on for around 10 minutes and then remove it. Another great exfoliating tip from the video uses coconut oil and coffee grounds as a lip scrub. You simply take the coconut oil and add in some coffee grounds; you can even use old ones from your morning pot of coffee. Mix the two ingredients really well and then put a little bit on your lips, massaging it in for a minute to exfoliate. Make sure you do it over the sink because it can be pretty messy. Use a warm cloth to remove the oil and grounds, and you'll be left with softer, plumper lips.

She also teaches us some great tips on how to over line lips to make them look even bigger than they are. This seems to be one of the latest trends in makeup right now, so try it out and see how it looks on you. She carefully outlines her lips and fills them in with the lip liner; then she takes some highlighter to plump them up, even more, making them look even larger. She doesn't just stop there though; she also applies some MAC clear lip glass which makes your lips super glossy. Before applying the gloss, she adds a drop or two of peppermint oil to it to naturally plump the lips even more. Make sure you watch the entire video so you can see exactly how she does each of these beauty hacks and subscribe to her channel for more awesome beauty hacks like this one. Enjoy your smooth, soft lips and share these tips with your friends.***

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