Weird Beauty Hacks That Actually Work!

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We all want to look our best. Not to impress others, but to feel good for ourselves and enhance our own natural beauty. People have been interested in beauty and style since ancient times, and even looking back to ancient Egypt we'll find that people wore makeup, jewellery and stylish clothing. Also in ancient Greece and Roman times, makeup was something that was worn, and these ancient cultures had some pretty interesting beauty hacks of their own that are still used today. Men also wore makeup for most of history up until the 1800s. The women would use the khol that was made from antimony a metallic element, or soot from fires. Chalk was even used to whiten the complexion of darker skin because a fairer complexion was favoured. During the middle ages, pale skin was actually a sign of wealth because white skin meant on lived a life of leisure, where darker skin meant being a labourer outdoors. To keep a pale complexion, women wore bonnets, used beautiful parasols, and covered their entire bodies with whiteners which were sometimes deadly. Henna is a natural beauty product that has been used to colour hair since ancient times and is still used for that purpose. It's best for darkening hair or giving it a reddish tone. In the 18th century, red cheeks, also known as "rouge" and lipstick were used to give the impression of a health. To prevent a receding hairline, a bandage was worn on the forehead that was dipped in vinegar with cat faeces, which is one to be glad was left behind. People living in the country made their makeup from herbs, flowers, fat, vegetables, and crushed fruit like strawberries.

Since the 1900s, the makeup industry has blossomed and continued to grow continually. With thousands of beauty and makeup product brands out there, people have so many options. Men have also become more comfortable with wearing makeup again as well. With the emergence of the internet, the makeup and beauty world has really taken off, with YouTube channels like ThatsHeart sharing beauty and makeup advice. Being a YouTube Beauty Guru is a great career now, and the gurus get paid for views on their videos on YouTube. ThatsHeart shares regular videos with her subscribers sharing simple life hacks and diy ideas that pertain to beauty. She said that she had been obsessed with scouring the internet for beauty hacks and these ones are 6 of the best ones that she came across. These beauty hacks can help you enhance your natural beauty and make your life a bit easier too.

One of the first things she shows us how to do is how to cover up bald spots or a receding hairline. It's great for those areas at the front of the scalp where only fine little hairs tend to grow. Don't worry; this beauty hack won't involve the cat dung in vinegar like the old strange beauty hack from before. All you need to blend the skin in with your hair is a dark shade of eyeshadow to match your root colour and a big blush brush. You simply take the brush and pick up some of the eyeshadow, then apply it to the area you want to blend. Just keep blending until you don't notice the bald spot anymore. If you have a hard time drawing or shading in your brows, use this beauty hack to have an easier time with it. Take a large spoon and hold it under your brow to use as a guide. Enjoy trying out all of the great beauty hacks and diy ideas from the video and incorporate more simple life hacks into your life.***

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